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Quik Draw

Accurate Drafting, Inc.'s "Quik Draw" shop drawing service information



Almost any project can be a "Quik Draw" project. You, the customer, must decide if this type of drawing will suit the needs of the project at hand. See "Quik Draw" shop drawing contents below for important information which will aid in determining if your project is a "Quik Draw" candidate.



Quick turnaround on drawings.

No plans necessary.

The information needed to perform the drawings can be sent to Accurate via fax.



Accurate's standard pricing structure also covers "Quik Draw" shop drawings. The savings is realized in the amount of sheets generated.


A typical set of "Quik Draw" shop drawings will be a "stripped down" version of Accurate's standard shop drawing format. The cover sheet will contain notes and as many elevations and/or details as will fit. The rest of the sheets will consist of elevations and/or details. The elevations will be drawn to 1/4" = 1'-0" scale and the details will be half size. The sheets containing details will have a note block legend.

The following items are not included in a "Quik Draw" shop drawing:

--Key plan, door schedule, miscellaneous glass schedule, elevation/window schedule, architectural reference and column dimensions, glass type schedule (this information will be given in the general notes), caulking information, perimeter construction details and notes (all perimeter construction will be indicated by a line with the appropriate notes to verify construction configuration and fastener types). At instances of elevations where one is thus and one is opposite, one elevation will be drawn and marked as x (qty) thus and x (qty) opposite. All dimensions will be flagged "field verify". Additionally if the information for the project is faxed and no plans are received by Accurate then tempered glass will be shown only where it can be determined by the information given. All other glass will be marked as "tempered only where required by local codes".

Based on the information given above you can see that smaller window, storefront and maybe even curtainwall projects are the best candidates for this service. Government, large and/or intricate projects should not be done with this program. The chances are high that the architect may not approve "Quik Draw" shop drawings due to the lack of information.




A "Quik Draw" shop drawing can be done with just the very basic information such as system types and stick elevations. If this basic information is not provided and Accurate is left to obtain this information the customer will be charged by the hour for all time spent obtaining the information necessary to do the drawings.




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