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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Qualifications of Accurate DraftingQUALIFICATIONS:
  • Over 70 years of combined experience in the aluminum and glass subcontracting industry.
  • Past employers include large and medium contract glazing firms as well as smaller service oriented firms.
  • Specific past job descriptions held include:  draftsman,  project manager,  project estimator,  service salesman,  shop fabricator,  glass cutter,  and field mechanic/foreman.  Miscellaneous duties performed include:  generation of contract billings,  submittals (private and government),  secretarial paperwork related to a typical project,  initiation and implementation of computer estimating and drafting. 
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Accurate's capabilitiesAccurate Drafting, Inc. has performed shop drawings for many different systems and manufacturers.  Trades closely related to the aluminum and glass industry can also be accommodated.  Here is a list:
  • Automatic doors (sliding and swinging)
  • ICU sliding doors
  • Mall sliding doors
  • Patio sliding doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Aluminum windows (project in,  project out,  top hung,  casement,  vertical pivot,  horizontal pivot,  horizontal sliding)
  • Aluminum swinging doors
  • Aluminum storefronts systems (thermal,  non thermal,  inside/outside,  ribbon,  strip,  punched,  radiused,  arched)
  • Aluminum curtainwall systems (thermal, non thermal,  i-beam,  pressure wall,  inside/outside glazed,  radiused,  arched,  punched)
  • Panel systems (composite,  metal,  aggregate)
  • Aluminum louvers
  • Miscellaneous aluminum trim work
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The format of a standard Accurate Drafting shop drawing  Unless specified otherwise by the customer,  a typical set of drawings will contain the following:
  1. Cover sheet:  This sheet contains all the miscellaneous job information including:  general notes,  door schedule,  door hardware schedule,  miscellaneous glass and glazing schedule,  glass type schedule,  legend,  window schedule,  general contractor information,  architect information,  job location,  revision block and an area for architect/contractor approval stamps and comments.  
  2. Key floor plan sheet(s):  The key floor plans are usually drawn to an approximate scale of 1/32" = 1'-0" (because sometimes the plan has to be enlarged or reduced,  they are usually marked as "not to scale") and contain the locations of all the work shown on the shop drawings.  All work is keyed with a sheet number for quick access.  Miscellaneous glazing locations can be shown here at the customer's option.
  3. Elevation sheet(s):  The elevations are typically drawn to scale at 1/4" =1 '-0".  Typical elevations include all dimensioning,  quantities,  architectural references,  detail balloons with sheet numbers,  door numbers and door swings. Elevations can be drawn to any scale at the customer's request. Other scales are available upon request but not as standard pricing.
  4. Detail sheet(s):  The details are typically drawn to scale at 1/2 size (1/2" = 1").  Typical details include dimensioning (to match the elevation),  architectural references,  perimeter construction and notes (part numbers,  by other designations,  fabrication and installation notes).  Details can be drawn full size at the customer's request.
Remember,  this is our standard set of shop drawings.  If you require something more or less than what is described above,  let us know.  We can perform your drawings any way you like. [Back to the questions]

Getting Accurate started on my shop drawingsAh,  good question.  In order to perform the most accurate set of drawings we need information from you,  the customer.  Obviously if you need shop drawings for a project you have already become familiar with the work during the takeoff and estimating process.  Please provide Accurate with the following:
  1. A full set of architectural drawings.
  2. A full set of structural drawings.
  3. Specification sections for all work to be included in the shop drawings.
  4. Accurate Drafting's shop drawing questionnaire.  This questionnaire will guide and ask you all necessary information needed to perform a set of shop drawings.  It will also prompt you for backup information such as manufacturer's quotations and takeoffs.  The more information you provide,  the more accurate and professional your shop drawings will be.   
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Lead time for an Accurate Drafting shop drawingAlways the most popular question by far.  The fact that we have experience in the subcontracting business means we fully understand the unique time situations usually associated with aluminum and glass shop drawings and submittals.  Please bear in mind that the drawings still require a good amount of time to complete. Accurate uses the power of the computer and CAD software to automate the repetitious tasks involved with drawing.  This enables us to do a better set of drawings than previously produced by manual drafting.  If you are familiar with computers and CAD then you understand.  If you are not familiar with computers and CAD then just be aware that the computer and software are just tools such as a t square and pencil.  They cannot produce the drawings by themselves. Accurate's drawing lead times will vary from week to week,  sometimes even day to day.  Accurate is requiring a 4 week lead time.  This starts from the day we receive ALL the information required to start a project. Accurate recommends that you call us for current lead times.  We have been known to get drawings out within a few days as well as finishing drawings ahead of schedule.  We occasionally require more time.  Our lead time is not a guarantee,  but an estimate.  How quickly we can finish will be directly affected by how much information you have provided to us. At Accurate we take pride in every drawing.  We believe that being fair and honest with a customer up front will benefit both parties in the end.  We want to provide the most accurate set of drawings possible in order to obtain architectural approval on the first submittal. [Back to the questions]

The "Quik Draw" program and why you should use it The "Quik Draw" program is an express shop drawing service that allows customers to get a set of simple shop drawings done quickly and cheaply with a minimum of information required from the customer. Refer to our "Quik Draw" page.[Back to the questions]
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